mobile learning

Flowchart for Typical Distance Learning System

The Basic System

This is where our team starts when we develop modular eLearning systems. The skeleton represented here is scalable to thousands of interconnected modules serving millions of learners.

The best part is that it is easy to add new modules, courses, certifications.

High Performance

Our patent pending technology was developed to deliver online promotions for ecommerce clients. The same speed, energy, and excitement is used to grab the attention of online learners.


Gamification and integrations are common.

We work with marketing and enterprise systems, existing learning management systems (LMS), and content tools to make knowledge creation and management a pleasurable and rewarding experience for everyone.

Click-Video provides a platform without compromise or limitations.

Randall Tinfow has been producing educational materials for more than 30 years for large companies and educational publishers. Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, the USGA, and the AFRL are recent clients.